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GoMaihe 600pcs Wooden Popsicle Sticks

GoMaihe 600pcs Wooden Popsicle Sticks

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High-quality materials - wooden popsicle sticks are made of high-quality natural wood, including 600 pieces of wooden popsicle sticks, which are 114mm in length, 2mm in thickness and 10mm in width. Wooden ice cream sticks are safe to eat, non-growing, healthy and environmentally friendly, with a smooth surface without any residue or burrs. You can safely use wooden sticks for ice cream.

Wooden popsicle sticks for crafts: wooden holst sticks have smooth edges and are safe for children to use for crafts. With your family and children, you can make popsicles and a variety of interesting crafts. For those who like DIY popsicles, they will love our wooden popsicle sticks.

Wide range of applications: wooden popsicle sticks are suitable for homemade popsicles, cake desserts, wooden spatula wax, wooden stick ice cream, crafts, creative design, classroom teaching. You can also paint on wooden popsicle sticks, create your favorite models, and use your imagination and creativity. Our wooden popsicle sticks are suitable for teachers, students, crafters, children and adults.

Easy to Use - Using wooden spatula is easy. When you make wooden popsicle sticks, first put wooden spatulas in warm water for at least one hour, then in the freezing liquid, and finally in the refrigerator for a few hours to make wooden sticks. With simple operation, you can enjoy delicious ice cream at home.

Due to calculation problems, there is a slight quantity difference, but within 5. Children under 3 years old should use under adult supervision.

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