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December 06, 2018 2 min read

For some people, to store photos and memories online such as Facebook albums, slideshows, and blogs is almost perfect. They are fast, convenient, and almost accessible anywhere and can be shared to everyone. However, if you’ve been doing this for quite some time you would find that, those photos on cloud are getting farther and farther away from you. We need our memories can be touched and inherited. Then, making a scrapbook might be the perfect way to get hands-on with your memories again.

How to startwithmy scrapbooking?

I think the first thing you should do is to confirm a theme for your scrapbook, then you would have a direction to choose photos. Travel, family members, school life, wedding, baby, holidays such as Christmas, Halloween are some of the most popular scrapbooking themes. Of course, you can also make a scrapbook just for a birthday party. Start first, then you will get more and more inspiration.

The second step is to find some materials. You would need an album fit for your theme and some simple tools such as glues, coloured pens, etc. Don’t think this step is complicated. You do not need to drive your car on the street to guess where you can find a scrapbooking supplies store. What you need to do is just laying on your bed and choose them with your mobile phone on veesun.co.uk. Orders can be delivered in 5 working days to everywhere of Europe from our warehouse in Germany.

The most funny part of scrapbooking is that you can use different things to decorate your photos as long as you think they are beautiful. It can be some dried leaves and flowers, some coloured paper, some cloth or leather, even just some lines. 

The third step is just doing it. In the process of creating a scrapbook, you will be amazed at your creativity and revisit that part of memory countless times. Try to get it done, and when you open it sometime in the future, you will be grateful for what you did.