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March 29, 2019 2 min read

Hello there,

This project was planned a long time ago, but I had all kind of hiccups on the way.
Finally, it's done! And I am very pleased with the result.

This project was made in collaboration with Veesun. They stock very handy scrapbooks, journals and accessories to create a unique scrapbook for your big and little memories.
I have a tendency to do everything from scratch, albums included. Absolutely stunned when I realized that I can have a perfect base album already ready! Also, the classic clean linen finish makes it suitable for vintage, shabby or modern styles.

But I got inspired by its black insert paper and challenged myself into creating a kid's album.
Yeah, I know. Not my style at all! 
(here are some measurements and a view when open)
The whole essence of scrapbooking is to create personalized memories, right? 
what if we can make it even more interactive?... In this album, you can find some ideas for activities that will keep everyone entertained and create memories that kids will have for a lifetime (or at least they'll have something to say when a teacher asks "What did you do this summer")
So I started with inking the sides with Distress Inks and assembling some chipboard and decorations.
I heat-embossed the chipboard using golden embossing powder and Versamark. And using my tidy tray.
And after I took this photo I forgot completely that I wanted to show the process and just started enjoying it 
So here are some details of the cover and pages.
Monster eyes everywhere! 
And inside
I inserted a sheet of acetate and glued the golden letters to it. So if later I'd like to change the title I will be able to do it. I think this is one of the things I really like in this scrapbook - you can change pages!
The pages are nice black and smooth, really tempting to use a white pen. 
Here's a close up of the page, just wanted to show the faux stitching.
And the front page is for a photo of partners in fun. Just slide it in
There are more pages of fun activities that I am planning to publish, so keep in touch.
Here is where you can buy a Linen cover scrapbook.
To add more pages, get Refill pages which are pre-cut and already have holes.
You can get a 15% off with a code "WITHVEESUN" and if you order and share your work on Instagram tag it #withveesun to get featured.
It was fun. It was like going back in time when my daughter was little and I was organizing all kind of adventures for her and her friends: scavenger hunts and shadow puppets, tents and sidewalk chalk drawing... 
Hope you liked it,
see you soon 
Inga xxx
(PS follow @veesun_official and  @btnshi get featured)
From http://tinyurl.com/y256j6fs @inga