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January 23, 2019 2 min read

As soon as Christmas is over, there is already the next opportunity to show the loved one what he or she means to you: Valentine's Day. Every year on February 14, lovers give smaller or greater attention as a testimony to their affection.

Making the gift by yourself can be considered if you with enough time to plan that. The customization gift that gives a sense of romance and he/her will felt that both you and gift belong to him or her. Through a series of the details, she or he will be warmed inadvertently. The gift should be combined with the hobby of each other to present romance.

Here are some creative ideas for Valentine’s Day Gift as below;

Sweet Love Period

For example. If she or he is a fan of handmade. photography, you can reach a DIY photo album, filled with some special moments and memories you can have a reference to the below picture.

Getting Married Soon

If you are intending to propose to her, Valentines Day proposal will make she surprised and unforgettable also the explosion box add some creative for the memories.

You can write the words you want to say in a blank space in the explosion box. This is more creative than writing all the content on a piece of paper. She needs to open it one by one, and then the surprisingly small organ, in the process of opening, looked forward to the words that moved her.

With the Baby Already

You can make a photo of the baby from pregnancy to growth, some special moments, let her/him know that the child is the best gift God has given yours.

Baby Scrapbook

Finally, every moment related to her or his in your mind worth to recording. Every time hold hands, trip, every day sunrise and sunset with her/ him. Rich emotion the smile, angry appearance. Everything is recorded in albums so that your story will not be forgotten because of the passage of time, and it will become precious and shining like a star. I hope that every time you open it, you will be surprised and moved.


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Happy Valentine's Day with VEESUN.